5 Types of Food that Promote Dental Hygiene

For you to have a set of perfect pearly whites it requires more than brushing and flossing every day. These methods can get rid of sugars and food particles that form plaque and acid that threaten the health of your teeth, but a growing body of research indicates that consuming certain types of foods maybe good for your teeth and promote your overall oral health.

Healthy Eating for Strong Teeth

To prevent tooth decay, your diet can play a significant role. What and how often you eat can determine you’re the strength of your dental hygiene. Are you aware that certain types of food are actually very good for your dental health?For example, foods that are calcium-rich ensure healthy teeth, while other beneficial snacks that have probiotics or polyphenols promote a healthy environment in your mouth which further help the health of your pearly whites. So if you try to avoid the dentist at all costs, consider the following information –

  1. Milk and Cheese:Foods that we eat can produce acid which is harmful to the teeth. Dairy products like aglass of milk or a cube of cheese help reduce the acid and raise the calcium levels around the teeth.
  2. Crunchy Vegetable and Fruits:They are known as natural detergents because crunchy fruits and vegetables stimulate the production of saliva which cleanses and gives your mouth a fresh feel. It also protects your teeth from exposure to acid.
  3. Yoghurt: Harmful germs are responsible for dental problems and hence it is critical to decrease bad bacteria and repopulate your mouth with protective and healthy bacteria. Yoghurt is a great probiotic and contains proteins that will encourage a healthy environment in your mouth.
  4. Whole Grains: Brown rice, bran and other whole foods are packed with iron and Vitamin B which take care of the gums. They also contain magnesium which, as your dentist will tell you, is a vital mineral for maintaining strong teeth.
  5. Green or Black Tea: Polyphenols are compounds found in green and black tea which slow down the growth of bacteria that are responsible for cavities and gum disease. Any good dentist will tell you that they undermine the bacteria’s ability to clump together and also fight bad breath by controlling the production of compounds that are smelly.

Go right ahead, and consume these teeth-friendly foods, if you want to streamline your diet further with regard to your oral hygiene or have any other questions you can ask a question online. If you are facing any dental challenges, you canfind a dentist online at Lybrate. Consult a doctor near you by searching on Lybrate.Find a dentist in city to schedule an appointment.