Do You Want to Know How to Stay Fit and Slim After 40?

After turning 40 you have realized that you have gained a few extra pounds of weight. Increase in body weight with the advancing age is natural. Lack of physical activity and slow metabolic rate is the reason for weight gain after a certain age. That is why it becomes a little difficult to keep your body within control after 40 as it was in your 20s or 30s. But if you change your lifestyle and eating habits with the changing requirements of your body, then it becomes easy to look good, feel good, and stay healthy even in your 40s. Read online reviews about a product before you start using it, there are a number of dangers of abusing this steroid.


In order to lose weight you don’t need to starve, but you have to cut down the extra calories you are consuming. After 40 years of age, your body will need fewer calories in comparison with your 20s. Experts suggest cutting down only hundred calories a day. By this simple method you can keep a check on your calorie intake.

Fiber is Important

You can beat the heat of advancing age by increasing fiber rich foods; this is also considered as the best option for middle-aged people. This will keep your digestive tract in control and enhance the smooth functioning of it. This will decrease bloating and other digestive problems making you a healthy looking person. Do not forget to add soluble fiber in your diet, which is available in fruits and vegetables. You can also add whole wheat products in your diet for insoluble fiber.

Weight Training

Experts opine that even if you are running on a treadmill daily since your 20s. With the advancing age only doing cardio is not enough to make your body strong. Aerobic activity will not prevent you from losing muscle mass that is why you are required to do strength training in your fitness regime. Strength training will also increase your flexibility, joint elasticity, and bone density as well. It is okay if you don’t want to go for isolation exercises, but do not forget to train your major muscles for at least twice a week.

Your trainer will help you in accordance with the selection of the right kind of exercises. You must opt only for those exercises which you are capable of doing. Never lift the weights which you are not comfortable with. It is good to have a spotter with you, you can also ask your friend to help with your exercises and the vice versa. Your intensity level of the exercise and the time period is also dependent on your muscle strength. But they recommend you to do at least 20 minutes of exercise per session.

Stay Injury Free

You may be doing your exercises without warm-up when you were in your 20s. You were not emphasizing more on stretching and cooling down. But that was altogether a different age, now you have to make it mandatory to warm-up and do the stretching. This will keep your muscle injury free. You can also use various health products to enhance your fitness level, but do not forget to consult your trainer. You will know more about the dangers of abusing this steroid by reading online reviews.