What is Joint Pain: Symptoms and Causes

What is Joint Pain

What are joints?

Joints are the connections between our bones. They are the reason why our bones move the way they do and why they are mobile and agile. They provide stable support to help a person move. Basically, any damage involving the joints can cause a person mild to severe pain and can interfere with the range of movements, depending on which joint is affected.

There are many different conditions, which may lead to joint pain. The list is include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Bursitis
  • Gout
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Injuries
  • Trauma
  • A host of other diseases

joint pain

Joint pain is an extremely common condition, especially if you are older or involved in any kind of aggressive sport. About one-third of adults have reported to have had joint pain at some point in their lives, or at many points in their lives. The most common complaint of joint pain is pain involving the knee. This is followed by shoulder and hip pain. However, joint pain can be felt and experienced in any area of the body. This can range from your ankles and feet to the shoulders and hands. Younger people tend to have joint pain with increase involvement in sports or if they have direct injuries, but as you get older it is more common and natural to have it.

Joint pain affects many parts of the body and can either be mild or downright debilitating and detrimental to the overall health of person’s body. There are joint pains that can affect someone for a few days or weeks or those that can affect a person’s joint health for months. Sometimes, the pain gets too much that the condition significantly lessens the quality of life of the sufferer. There are many causes of joint pain, but whatever it is, joint pain can ultimately be managed through medication, physical therapy, and alternative treatments. Surgery might also be an option.

The goal of any form of treatment is to alleviate or remove the pain and inflammation of the joint and to restore it to its full function and capacity. Your doctor will first make a through assessment to be able to make an informed decision or diagnosis so a course of treatment could be made.

Joint pain is a condition that can be painful but can also be very manageable, and that’s the upside of it. There are a lot of generic and special medication for the purpose of significantly lowering the pain and swelling the condition brings. These are effective and provide a good route towards better quality of life. It is also noted that joint pain is somewhat a condition that occurs naturally because of age; however, due to some other causes, it occurs as a condition itself.

Remember to not take for granted if you have any symptom of any kind of pain in your body. Always look for warning signs and if they appear, go to your doctor and have it diagnoses or assessed. Do not be afraid and make sure you have full insight into what’s happening so you may know how to decide accordingly.