Understand Hair transplantation better!

Understand Hair transplantation betterHair transplantation may bring fear in your mind. But, it is not so! It is a simple surgical procedure that will help you get a permanent cover for your balding areas.

Hair transplant is a very common cosmetic procedure performed today especially on men. Women are not considered as very good candidates for hair transplantation as there is very less donor hair available. The procedure is considered to be the best solution to treat hair loss, hair thinning, hair loss and baldness. Men usually suffer from male pattern baldness where in the hair line recedes exposing the forehead and also thinning of hair on the crown .The cause of hair loss in men are genetics and age. Women suffer from hair loss due to hormonal changes and lose hair all over the scalp. Apart from giving you a younger look, hair transplant is also carried out to get back hair due to an injury, burns or scalp infections.

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Hair transplantation is often performed by a hair transplant doctor and it takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete the procedure. A man with moderate baldness may require at least 1000 hair grafts to cover his baldness. Also ,the patient have to undergo two or more hair transplant sessions scheduled 3-4 months apart to get the best results. The patient will be administered local anesthesia and so he can remain awake during the hair surgery. In some cases the patient may be given a drug that will help them relax or put to sleep.

Two most commonly used hair transplant techniques are FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation. Robotic hair transplant is also gaining popularity and it is an advanced version of FUE technique. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages and a hair specialist is the best person to get an opinion from. However, hair transplant provides natural looking hair line. The cost of hair transplant will depend upon several factors and will also vary from one city to another. Also, it will be good if an individual has realistic expectations about the new hair. Which means -one needs to understand that hair transplant will not produce new hair, it will just redistribute the the hair that the patient already has.

Preparation before the hair transplant surgery

First of all the patient must select a reputed hair doctor who has a vast experience in performing hair surgeries. Next, the patient must have a consultation with the hair transplant doctor. During the consultation, the patient must discuss everything about hair transplantation and not hide any facts about his medical history. Any allergies must be reported to the hair doctor and also about his fears. The doctor will also advise you from taking aspirin before the surgery . The type of anesthesia used in the surgery will depend upon the type of the hair transplant and the amount of balding area that needs to be covered by hair transplant. The anesthesia will either be applied or injected into the surgery areas.

Post operative care

The patient may return to do his normal activities within a day. However, strenuous activities will have to be avoided for a few days after the surgery. Vigorous exercises may cause the implants to fall off from the scalp. Some amount of swelling , headache and minor discomfort around the grafts and eyes may exist. In such cases, pain relievers such as aspirin may be given to control the pain. Scabs may form around the hair grafts and it must not be scratched off. Also, the patient may feel some numbness on the surgery site which will eventually fade away in due course of time. There are very rare cases where a patient may suffer from extreme discomfort due to hair transplantation.


The transplanted hair falls out after a few weeks of the surgery. New hair will then start growing from the graft site in about 3-4 months. It will take approximately a year for the transplanted hair to grow to its full length.

Hair loss is a problem and it can be treated if an action is taken at the earliest. Do not hesitate to visit a hair specialist in case you feel that you are losing more hair than usual. In addition to this, a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet , a good night’s sleep and proper exercise will help in improving not only your hair but your overall health too. Find some time for yourself and take good care.