Eliminate These Drinks And Foods To Lose More Weight

There are so many moments in life when you start losing weight and all of a sudden the great results stop. This can even happen when you use great supplementation in your diet like from Le-Vel Brands. Many end up feeling depressed and have no idea why the weight loss stopped since they are doing everything that should be done, in theory.

We can mention so many different reasons why you are not losing weight although doing everything right. You are surely aware of various foods like pizza, burgers and French fries that have to be avoided because of the high unsaturated fat content. You avoid the restaurants and you do not consume these foods but did you know that there are many others that may hinder your weight loss goals without you even knowing that this is happening? These are those that we often see people consuming.

Low Fat Foods

The ad says that you will receive great health benefits as you consume low fat food. This is definitely true. We see fat being removed during the production and you can end up taking advantage of this. However, statistics highlight the fact that people actually eat 30% more food simply because they consume low fat options.

What you might not be aware of is that sugar is almost always added to these low fat foods. Since you consume more food, you also increase the intake of sugar. That sugar is going to be quickly transformed into fat by the human body. Since there is too much fat, it is stored in all the places that you do not want fat to be present. Glucose cannot be used by our body as an energy source. Weight gain appears simply because you eat too much low fat food.

Diet Soda

This is a huge shocker for many. Diet soda is always advertised as being healthy and most of the products on the market have zero calories. This sounds great when you try to lose weight but weight gain is actually promoted by the diet soda because of all the elements included. Your stomach will be filled up with gas. As the air is eliminated, you will surely end up overeating and snacking too much. Diet soda actually makes hunger stronger. To make matters even worse, the artificial sweeteners can have negative effects on your body. Water is the best liquid you could drink.


Last but not list, juicing is gaining popularity with people juicing vegetables and fruits in an attempt to lose weight. In theory everything sounds great but the problem is that you will eliminate fibers. This will slow down your metabolism. The only result that appears is a blood sugar spike that is not at all great in the event that your goal is to lose weight.

You need to always be informed. Make sure that you know everything about what you eat in order to actually help the body to lose weight. Avoid every single one of the foods and drinks mentioned and your results will be better.