3 Effective Hair Regrowth Methods for Men

3 Effective Hair Regrowth Methods for MenMale hormones make men more susceptible to baldness than women. This is why many doctors and scientists have been trying to developed therapy and medications that can help with hair regrowth for men. There are many causes of hair loss and the treatments will be different for every case. Here are some of the most effective hair regrowth methods for men.

Natural Treatments

Unhealthy lifestyle can cause hair loss. When your hair doesn’t get enough nutrition, it will start falling out.  If you want to reverse this condition, you need to start paying attention to your diet. Avoid junk food and most importantly, stop smoking. Eating a lot of protein from red meat can really help supply adequate nutrition to your follicles. You can make your hair healthier by applying natural remedies such as Aloe Vera and Rosemary.

Laser Therapy

If the hair loss is caused by genetic condition, natural treatment cannot help growing your hair back. In this condition, you can try laser therapy. Low heat laser is used to stimulate your follicles and improving blood circulations in your head. This treatment is very effective but it might not work if your hair has been completely bald. The therapy will not only be done in the doctor’s office. You will also get a laser comb that you can use for ten to fifteen minutes every day at your house.

Supplements and Medications

Your doctor will prescribe some supplements, hormone controllers or medications to help your hair to regrow. Some of the most commonly used medications are Spironolactone, Dutasteride and Dithranol.  Medications are very effective because it will address the core of the problem. But in the same time, medications will cause some side effects as well. So, make sure you give your complete medical history to your doctor to avoid unwanted complications.