Human growth hormone


Human growth hormone, also known as somatotropin, is one of the most important hormones released by the pituitary gland. This hormone plays a critical role in regulating growth and development of human body. It is very essential that the hormone should be released in optimum amounts for the proper functioning of the body as it’s over secretion and under secretion are harmful. Over secretion of this hormone results in gigantism whereas the under secretion causes dwarfism. This hormone supposedly plays an important role in elongation of bones, development of muscles and proper carbohydrate metabolism. During adolescence and teenage this hormone plays a significant role in development and growth of the body.

It is the time when the body undergoes many physical as well as psychological changes and this hormone plays a great role during this time. Due to all these effects it has been argued that this hormone plays a crucial role in anti-ageing. It has been seen that when this hormone is in the process of releasing its hormone then the body’s ability of healing is faster which is generally up to middle 30s after which this hormone’s secretion starts declining.

So now many people like celebrities and especially those who work in entertainment industry have started taking the supplementary form of this hormone which is available in the form of injections and pills. However, it is important to understand that we avoid taking these hormonal supplements and this has been a point of debate since a long time because it is not even legitimate for doctors also to prescribe this medicine over personal request of someone but somehow if you convince a doctor to prescribe it for recreational use then beware of the fake products available in the market as there are lot of in genuine products in the market in the name of recombinant somatotropin. You can find HGH for sale on

HGH, Bodybuilders’ Most Potent and Affordable Muscle Enhancer

HGH, BodybuildersHGH (human growth hormone) boosts muscle growth in the body and—in doing so—burns fat to extract energy. HGH thus performs biological activities that are considered useful in body building: it grows your muscle, perfects its tone and burns your fat at the same time.

Because of this, HGH supplement is widely used in bodybuilding industry. HGH was first used as a muscle enhancer in 1950s. For the next decades, a number of HGH-containing supplements appear in the market, but their price is considered so expensive that many bodybuilders prefer to use cheaper supplements, including steroids, androstenedione, creatine, caffeine, and amphetamine. In 1996, Dr. Lei Jin founded Gene Science (GenSci), a Chinese pharmaceutical company that later manufactured a more affordable HGH supplement that was intended for use by mainstream bodybuilders. This supplement, which is called Jintropin, quickly becomes a popular bodybuilding supplement both in and outside China. If you are looking for HGH for sale that is both potent and affordable, Jintropin can be the best product to buy and to use.

What makes Jintropin different from other affordable HGH supplements?

Jintropin is obviously not the only cheap HGH supplement that you can buy today. Many HGH supplements that are widely available on the market, such as Kigtropin, Blue Tops and Riptropin, are also cheap to buy. However, there are several reasons why Jintropin is considered above the standard if compared to other affordable HGH supplements.

  1. Jintropin has established a high-standing reputation that it successfully keeps since 1998, the first time this supplement was manufactured and marketed.
  2. Jintropin is manufactured in a prestigious company that is owned and strictly monitored by the government. The Chinese government holds 50% of the ownership share of GenSci, the manufacturer of Jintropin.
  3. Jintropin is a GMP certified product. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. The certificate confirms that the quality of Jintropin has been thoroughly evaluated, controlled and affirmed.
  4. Jintropin contains pure HGH. The concentration of HGH that it contains can be as high as 99%.
  5. Jintropin can be purchased legally in 7 countries.

Other cheap HGH supplements don’t necessarily comply with the aforementioned criteria. Therefore, their quality is mostly poor and their potency as well as safety is mostly questionable.

This, however, doesn’t mean that all cheap HGH supplements besides Jintropin are bad. There are actually two other products with quality and reputation that are comparable to those of Jintropin: Ansomone and Hygetropin. If you are looking for a potent, safe and affordable HGH for sale, you can choose one of the three products above.

How much money do you need in order to buy affordable HGH supplement?

The price of the three products is almost the same. For 100 IUs, you need to pay $270 to get Jintropin, $230 to get Ansomone, and $190 to get Hygetropin. With such price, you only need to pay half of the shipping cost, which means you only need to pay $23 for shipping. If you buy 2 kits of HGH supplement or more, you can enjoy free shipping cost. If you only need to use 5 IUs per day, you can calculate by yourself how long you can use one kit of HGH supplement and decide whether the price you pay is right.