3 Most Effective Ways to Cover Baldness

 3 Most Effective Ways to Cover Baldness

If you are suffering from Alopecia or you are undergoing chemotherapy that causes your hair to start falling out, please don’t be sad. It is definitely hard, but keep your chin up and don’t let hair loss makes you lose your confidence. There are several hair replacement systems you can choose to help you cope with hair loss. Every method has its own advantages and the effectiveness will depend on your hair follicles and scalp condition. To help you make your choice, here are some of the best methods you can do to replace your hair.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical method where the doctor will move some hair from an area with plenty of hair to the bald area that you want to cover. When the hair has been moved, it will grow longer naturally just like what normal hair should be. This is a permanent solution to cover baldness because the doctors will prescribe some medication and topical treatment to prevent another hair loss in the future. Since this method requires moving your hair from one area to the other, it can only be performed on people that still have lots of hair in some areas.

Fashion Wigs

Fashion wig is the simplest solution to cover baldness. Wig is also pretty cheap and it comes with a lot of style and colors. You can choose whether you want to use natural or synthetic hair. Wig with natural hair is more expensive and it needs more treatment. But in the same time, it also looks more natural than the synthetic one. In the past, wig looked so ridiculous and sometimes it even resembled bird nest on our head. But now, wig is so light and beautiful. Even people who don’t experience baldness use it to transform their looks in a blink of an eye. As long as you use it right, no one’s going to realize that the hair is not real.

Cranial Prosthesis

Cranial prosthesis is actually similar with wigs. The only difference is it is mostly used by people with medical problems. The inside of the prosthesis is made of special material like silk, polyurethane or microline that gives more comfort to the skin. A person whose baldness is caused by medical condition usually has more sensitive and gentle skin. That’s why the prosthesis has to be custom made so that it can fit their head perfectly and will not cause any skin problems or discomfort.

Best vitamins for hair growth

Best vitamins for hair growth

Getting the correct vitamins for the growth of hair is essential as it promotes the growth of healthy and strong hair. There are different essential vitamins which are important in advancing the growth of health and natural hair. Deficiency in vitamins and minerals may have a potential impact on the hair.

Taking excessive vitamins can harm your body and may have adverse effects. It can harm your hair growth, a person can lose excessive amount of hair. Hair loss is a common problem faced by many. Hair loss and baldness can be permanently cured by a surgery called as Hair Transplant. Chennai is a place in India where a person can get this surgery done. Some online medical facilitators in Chennai provide the best cost of hair transplant in Chennai.

Some of the vitamins which promote hair growth include;

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for the body, both for supporting a healthy immune system and acting as anti-oxidants. Most hair care products utilize vitamin C because of its ability to make the hair look nice (strong and healthy). There are various products which are essential in providing vitamin C. These products include food rich in vitamin C such as orange, mango and other fruits in the citrus family. Additionally, Vitamin C can be obtained through supplements but should be maintained at a specified level. Vitamin C works best by making the hair strong and healthy thus reducing the rate of hair breakage and therefore promoting hair growth.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has a lot of functions in the body. These includes; improving immunity, promoting the growth of strong bones and works best for enhancing the growth of strong hair. Vitamin D encourages the growth of hair follicle. Therefore, people should not lack vitamin D if they want their hair to grow. A common source of vitamin D is the sun, especially in the morning and evening hours. It can be obtained from the sun through basking in the sun. Vitamin D can also be obtained from supplements and hair products which contain it. But it works best if it is generated naturally in the body.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has much health property in the body. For example, it works as powerful anti-oxidants which make it to be very important for the body. Getting enough vitamin A is important for promoting healthy growth since it facilitates the growth of hair follicles and healthy hair. Common sources of Vitamin A include vegetables and fruits such as Avocados. It is best to consume vitamin A naturally rather than taking supplements. In addition, it is important to note when a person lacks vitamin A in the body through looking at various signs and symptoms, which can majorly be vision problems and skin ailments.

Vitamin E

People have typically overlooked the potential of vitamin E, not considering that it has a lot of benefits in keeping the hair strong and healthy. Vitamin E keeps the hair growing through the properties that it has. A person running low on vitamin E should ensure that he or she consumes a lot of foods that are rich in vitamin E. This can be obtained through taking whole food multi vitamins. Having enough vitamin E in the body makes the hair look good and healthy. It is important to combine vitamin E with other essential vitamins to encourage the growth of hair through providing a health scalp. Vitamin E can be obtained in many hair care items, but it is recommended to be frequently consumed to get better growth of hair. Furthermore, it promotes the growth of hair follicle hence making the hair to growth strong and healthy.

B vitamins

The B vitamins grouped together are necessary for healthy hair growth; hence people should eat enough food rich in these vitamins. People can also consider taking B vitamins complex which is a supplement of vitamin B. B vitamins can be obtained from shampoo and conditioners that contain them. Enough vitamins B in the hair are important if promoting the first growth of the hair. In this group of vitamin B, the essential one which is usually recommended for hair growth is vitamin B 12. Other than vitamin B 12, there is also Niacin and Biotin, which are critical in nourishing the scalp to promote the growth of health hair. A person should know when he or she lucks vitamin B through looking at signs and symptoms such as feeling weak and tired and bruising easily. Another symptom associated with lack of vitamins B is slow growth of hair. To get the best result of hair growth, it is advisable to use vitamins B products daily.

Essential minerals

Other than vitamins there are also essential minerals which are important in promoting the growth of hair. The first one is iron which works best in several aspects including the growth of hair. It can also be obtained in other hair products. Magnesium is also an essential mineral which helps in promotion of growth of hair. Eating food rich in magnesium helps in giving the scalp what it needs for the growth of robust and healthy hair and it also prevents breakages. Finally, zinc has a mineral has the capacity to facilitate faster growth of hair, and it can be obtained from supplements and hair products which contain zinc.