DOT Physical Exams in Denver

 DOT Physical Exams in Denver

Highway safety is very crucial and must be a big concern to everyone. We need to realize that highway accident is one of the biggest killers all over the world. Here in the U.S., the federal government has several regulations to maintain optimum highway safety. Safety measures must be applied on every aspect to ensure optimum safety driving. But the most important factor for highway safety isn’t just well maintained vehicles but the drivers. The driver must be in a good condition and physical health. This is the reason why Department of Transportation requires commercial vehicle drivers to be physically fit proven by passing physical exam.

Commercial vehicle drivers, whether they are bus or truck drivers, are usually working long hours and without good physical condition they may not be able to maintain optimum safety driving and increasing risk of highway accident. U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) through its Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintains national registry for drivers certified passing the required medical exam. Driving commercial vehicles without valid certificate of physical fitness can cause a serious consequence even leading to lose commercial vehicle driving license. How can a driver get a physical fitness certificate as required by DOT? The driver must take the occupational health physical exams based on the DOT’s guideline. The exam must be supervised and validated by FMCSA certified medical examiner. Once the driver passed the exam, the medical examiner will give the certificate valid for 24 months and send it to national registry.

Whether you are planning to take DOT physical exam for the first time or to renew your certificate, it is very important to find the right place to take the exam. Off course, it must be an occupational health clinic with FMCSA certified medical examiner but what’s more important, the one that offers the best services ensuring you can take the exam comfortably and get good result. Midtown Occupational Health Services is the right place for Denver DOT Physical Exams. This clinic has team of accredited physicians including those certified as FMCSA medical examiner. It has complete resources and facilities to conduct full physical exams as defined by DOT. It ensures consistent and standardized exam for every driver for precise result.

Most commercial drivers know that the real hassle of getting physical fitness certificate is not the actual exams but dealing with the paperwork and the bureaucracy. The registration can be rejected due to lack or wrong paperwork and other hassles. Midtown Occupational Health Services offers full solution to make sure you’ll get everything you need. All forms and records are guaranteed for legibility and accuracy to ensure no rejection from national registry or Department of Motor Vehicle. You will get wallet sized card with complete and legible information.

There’s no need to hesitate to contact this clinic and schedule your exam. You will be assisted by the professionals making sure you’ll get what you need. Don’t forget, it is about keeping yourself and everyone else safe. That’s your responsible as a professional driver.