Some Things about Hormone Replacement Treatment for Women

Some Things about Hormone Replacement Treatment for Women

Maybe, there are some people who are wondering about natural hormone replacement. What is this thing and why does this suggested in the first place? Hormone replacement is not a term known by many people. Women are usually the ones who will hear about it. Hormone replacement therapy is known as a treatment for women who start to enter menopause and dealing with menopausal symptoms. This is also known as a good treatment to reduce the risks of heart disease and osteoporosis. This treatment doesn’t seem to be something bad at all but naturally, a group of people question its benefits and risks.

Hormone replacement treatment or HRT is used to augment the natural hormone levels in the body. There are several forms of this treatment such as ET or estrogen-alone therapy. ET is being used for women who undergo hysterectomy or the surgical menopause. Another form of the treatment is EPT or the estrogen with progesterone that is suitable for women who experience natural menopause in their midlife. A woman can choose one of these treatments according to their condition. The main purpose of natural hormone replacement is to restore the supply of estrogen in women that contributes to several benefits.

The restoration of estrogen in women will make the lining of uterus thicker in anticipation of egg implantation. The estrogen serves multiple benefits especially when in conjunction with progesterone. The body will be helped in processing calcium that will be important for the strength of bones. The body will be able to maintain the healthier levels of cholesterol as well as keeping the healthy condition of vagina. The natural hormone replacement is also thought to be a good treatment that will also be helpful in the reducing risks of heart disease as well as risks of osteoporosis.

As many already know, the production of natural estrogen inside of the body will drop significantly as women get older. This condition may lead to symptoms such as night sweats, dryness of vagina, hot flashes, problems of sleeping, changes of mood and the painful intercourse. Aside of that, it will raise the risk of osteoporosis. These are obviously not comfortable and the natural hormone replacement can be a good treatment to solve this problem and in relieving the menopausal symptoms. Considering all of these things, it’s obvious that the treatment truly brings good things. It helps women dealing with their problems while also giving a few more benefits.

Taking natural hormone replacement treatment can be done but not by anyone. Some women might be unable to get this treatment. Therefore, it’s important to consult about this matter with the doctor first. If this treatment is impossible to be used, there will still be alternatives to the hormone replacement. One alternative is about the consumption of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, cauliflower and cabbage. The other one is about maintaining the healthy body weight. And the last one is about including phytoestrogens like found in sunflower seeds, soy foods, bean sprouts and others in daily diet