What You Need to Do after Getting a Nose Job

What You Need to Do after Getting a Nose JobThe recovery process after getting a nose job is as important as the surgery itself. The final permanent result of the procedure will only be visible after a year. And what you do during the recovery period can really affect that result. Therefore, make sure you do these following steps so you can get comfortable and successful recovery.

Prepare Soft Food

Rhinoplasty doesn’t directly affect your jaw or your chewing ability. But it can really decrease your appetite because of the phlegm collected in your throat. Eating will also be very inconvenient because you need to breath from your mouth at the same time since the cast and intranasal splints will block your nose. Therefore, it is best if you eat soft food during the recovery period to avoid those discomforts.

Sleep with 2 or 3 Pillows

Swelling is a common problem after you got nose surgery. But it can cause discomfort and make you lose every last drop of confidence you have left in you. To reduce the swelling, you need to mind your sleeping position. Lying flat will make the blood flows to your nose and make the swelling worse. You should arrange two or three more pillows and sleep with your head higher than your chest. This simple trick will really help getting rid of the swelling around your nose.

Discuss the Medications You Want to Take with Your Doctor

Occasional bleeding is normal during the first few days after the surgery. But if it continues, bleeding can really slow down your recovery process. To avoid bleeding, you need to be careful about the medicines you take. Some medicines and supplements can make your blood thinner and make you more susceptible to heavy bleeding. Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E or medicine and food that contain those substances to prevent bleeding. To be safe, always consult about your medications you need to take to your doctor.