3 Most Effective Ways to Cover Baldness

 3 Most Effective Ways to Cover Baldness

If you are suffering from Alopecia or you are undergoing chemotherapy that causes your hair to start falling out, please don’t be sad. It is definitely hard, but keep your chin up and don’t let hair loss makes you lose your confidence. There are several hair replacement systems you can choose to help you cope with hair loss. Every method has its own advantages and the effectiveness will depend on your hair follicles and scalp condition. To help you make your choice, here are some of the best methods you can do to replace your hair.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a surgical method where the doctor will move some hair from an area with plenty of hair to the bald area that you want to cover. When the hair has been moved, it will grow longer naturally just like what normal hair should be. This is a permanent solution to cover baldness because the doctors will prescribe some medication and topical treatment to prevent another hair loss in the future. Since this method requires moving your hair from one area to the other, it can only be performed on people that still have lots of hair in some areas.

Fashion Wigs

Fashion wig is the simplest solution to cover baldness. Wig is also pretty cheap and it comes with a lot of style and colors. You can choose whether you want to use natural or synthetic hair. Wig with natural hair is more expensive and it needs more treatment. But in the same time, it also looks more natural than the synthetic one. In the past, wig looked so ridiculous and sometimes it even resembled bird nest on our head. But now, wig is so light and beautiful. Even people who don’t experience baldness use it to transform their looks in a blink of an eye. As long as you use it right, no one’s going to realize that the hair is not real.

Cranial Prosthesis

Cranial prosthesis is actually similar with wigs. The only difference is it is mostly used by people with medical problems. The inside of the prosthesis is made of special material like silk, polyurethane or microline that gives more comfort to the skin. A person whose baldness is caused by medical condition usually has more sensitive and gentle skin. That’s why the prosthesis has to be custom made so that it can fit their head perfectly and will not cause any skin problems or discomfort.

3 Effective Hair Regrowth Methods for Men

3 Effective Hair Regrowth Methods for MenMale hormones make men more susceptible to baldness than women. This is why many doctors and scientists have been trying to developed therapy and medications that can help with hair regrowth for men. There are many causes of hair loss and the treatments will be different for every case. Here are some of the most effective hair regrowth methods for men.

Natural Treatments

Unhealthy lifestyle can cause hair loss. When your hair doesn’t get enough nutrition, it will start falling out.  If you want to reverse this condition, you need to start paying attention to your diet. Avoid junk food and most importantly, stop smoking. Eating a lot of protein from red meat can really help supply adequate nutrition to your follicles. You can make your hair healthier by applying natural remedies such as Aloe Vera and Rosemary.

Laser Therapy

If the hair loss is caused by genetic condition, natural treatment cannot help growing your hair back. In this condition, you can try laser therapy. Low heat laser is used to stimulate your follicles and improving blood circulations in your head. This treatment is very effective but it might not work if your hair has been completely bald. The therapy will not only be done in the doctor’s office. You will also get a laser comb that you can use for ten to fifteen minutes every day at your house.

Supplements and Medications

Your doctor will prescribe some supplements, hormone controllers or medications to help your hair to regrow. Some of the most commonly used medications are Spironolactone, Dutasteride and Dithranol.  Medications are very effective because it will address the core of the problem. But in the same time, medications will cause some side effects as well. So, make sure you give your complete medical history to your doctor to avoid unwanted complications.

Understand Hair transplantation better!

Understand Hair transplantation betterHair transplantation may bring fear in your mind. But, it is not so! It is a simple surgical procedure that will help you get a permanent cover for your balding areas.

Hair transplant is a very common cosmetic procedure performed today especially on men. Women are not considered as very good candidates for hair transplantation as there is very less donor hair available. The procedure is considered to be the best solution to treat hair loss, hair thinning, hair loss and baldness. Men usually suffer from male pattern baldness where in the hair line recedes exposing the forehead and also thinning of hair on the crown .The cause of hair loss in men are genetics and age. Women suffer from hair loss due to hormonal changes and lose hair all over the scalp. Apart from giving you a younger look, hair transplant is also carried out to get back hair due to an injury, burns or scalp infections.

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Hair transplantation is often performed by a hair transplant doctor and it takes approximately 4-5 hours to complete the procedure. A man with moderate baldness may require at least 1000 hair grafts to cover his baldness. Also ,the patient have to undergo two or more hair transplant sessions scheduled 3-4 months apart to get the best results. The patient will be administered local anesthesia and so he can remain awake during the hair surgery. In some cases the patient may be given a drug that will help them relax or put to sleep.

Two most commonly used hair transplant techniques are FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation. Robotic hair transplant is also gaining popularity and it is an advanced version of FUE technique. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages and a hair specialist is the best person to get an opinion from. However, hair transplant provides natural looking hair line. The cost of hair transplant will depend upon several factors and will also vary from one city to another. Also, it will be good if an individual has realistic expectations about the new hair. Which means -one needs to understand that hair transplant will not produce new hair, it will just redistribute the the hair that the patient already has.

Preparation before the hair transplant surgery

First of all the patient must select a reputed hair doctor who has a vast experience in performing hair surgeries. Next, the patient must have a consultation with the hair transplant doctor. During the consultation, the patient must discuss everything about hair transplantation and not hide any facts about his medical history. Any allergies must be reported to the hair doctor and also about his fears. The doctor will also advise you from taking aspirin before the surgery . The type of anesthesia used in the surgery will depend upon the type of the hair transplant and the amount of balding area that needs to be covered by hair transplant. The anesthesia will either be applied or injected into the surgery areas.

Post operative care

The patient may return to do his normal activities within a day. However, strenuous activities will have to be avoided for a few days after the surgery. Vigorous exercises may cause the implants to fall off from the scalp. Some amount of swelling , headache and minor discomfort around the grafts and eyes may exist. In such cases, pain relievers such as aspirin may be given to control the pain. Scabs may form around the hair grafts and it must not be scratched off. Also, the patient may feel some numbness on the surgery site which will eventually fade away in due course of time. There are very rare cases where a patient may suffer from extreme discomfort due to hair transplantation.


The transplanted hair falls out after a few weeks of the surgery. New hair will then start growing from the graft site in about 3-4 months. It will take approximately a year for the transplanted hair to grow to its full length.

Hair loss is a problem and it can be treated if an action is taken at the earliest. Do not hesitate to visit a hair specialist in case you feel that you are losing more hair than usual. In addition to this, a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet , a good night’s sleep and proper exercise will help in improving not only your hair but your overall health too. Find some time for yourself and take good care.

How to Get the Best Doctor for Hair Treatment?

 How to Get the Best Doctor for Hair Treatment

A laborious and a dedicated employee can only make his company grow. Similarly, only a good doctor can cure a patient and bring back the smile on his face. Nowadays, with the plethora of physicians dealing with the hair fall problem, it’s becoming extremely difficult for a person to find the one who will be potent enough to fix his problem. While we’re making the choice, we have to keep certain things in our mind to come in contact with the best one. In this article, I’m going to share with you some tips which will aid you in finding an experienced doctor.

  • While hunting for the best doctor for female hair treatment, the most important thing is to know about the specialty of the doctor. Check whether he or she has been certified as a surgeon or a dermatologist by the board. If they are not certified, then directly ask them why they are interested in carrying out this profession. Go for a detailed interview to know his capabilities as a doctor.

  • A well-known doctor will definitely have positive feedbacks from their clients. Ask the doctor to show you the comments of the previous patients. If he is willing to show that to you, then you can rely on him. If he is not, then better you choose another doctor.

  • The best way to find a genuine professional is to get references from your close ones. If you know someone who has already done treatment to stop hair fall, then you can follow his advice, and go to the doctor which he has referred.

  • Always have an out-and-out inquiry which should be inclusive of the checking of the volume of the hair using a densitometer and nicking the scalp for looseness. Avoid those surgeons who take a momentary look at your scalp and exclaims –‘You’re perfectly eligible for hair transplantation surgery.’

  • Your selected doctor should listen to all your concerns with patience. Get clear all your queries before you make up your mind.

  • Although you may not be from the science background, yet to prepare yourself mentally for the after effects and also for the surgical process, ask the doctor about the technique of the surgery. Find out whether the surgery will suit you by studying about it online. As hair transplantation is a male and a female hair treatment, it’s better to opt to it for rapid growth of hair.

  • A genuine doctor focuses on a long-term plan. He is able to perceive that how this surgery will affect you in the coming years, and how it will look after minimum 10 years when you due to aging will begin to lose the extra hairs from your head. He should do the surgery accordingly and should be there to assist you if you face any future complications regarding it.

To get past the hype, you need to apply the following tips. Get the right doctor and get back your hair and self-esteem.