Best Fitness Tips for the Successful Public Health Student

Staying fit and regularly working out can be difficult to schedule into your day when studying for a public health degree online. It can seem impossible when you are trying to focus on assignments, lectures and placements, but it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle, and to maintain or improve fitness you should be going to the gym or exercising at home at least four times a week. Whether you are studying for a masters in public health online or on campus, these tips can help you get the body you desire.

Just Do It

Most students struggle to fit in a new exercise regime and keep to it. Many continue it for the first couple of weeks and give up, or are concerned about actually starting to begin with. You may think that because you are studying for a masters of public health you have so much to do already, but if you schedule it into your day, it is definitely possible. So just get straight into it, stop complaining and start exercising.

Just think about all the mental and physical benefits you will receive from working out. The only person that can motivate you in the end is you, you don’t need to go full out all at once; just start slowly and build it up, as that way you are more likely to continue on your fitness venture.

Find a Fitness Buddy

If you’re still worried about getting your new fitness regime started, why not enlist a fitness buddy. By working out with a buddy it means that you are less likely to miss out on workouts and you are more likely to push yourself further. Not only will having a fitness buddy help to improve your health, but it will also improve your academic performance, as while you are working out you can get your partner to test your knowledge for your public health assignments.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep can help improve both your academic performance and overall health. As a student, you know that when an assignment is looming, it is sometimes necessary to pull an all-nighter to finish it. However, by doing this regularly it can leave you irritable, unfocused, and will make you gain weight; it will also seriously affect your health.

Mix It Up

Make sure that you mix up your types of exercise, otherwise it can get a little boring and tedious; it will also make you less likely to want to go to the gym. Ensure that you choose sports and activities that you enjoy, but that will also slim and tone the areas that you desire.


It’s important to keep balance within your new healthy lifestyle. Make sure you’re not exercising too much or restricting your food. However, also ensure that you’re not skipping your exercise and eating junk food. Doing either will cause you to feel unwell and that is not the aim of this, so now with these fitness tips you’ll be able to have the body you desire.

The Best Stretches For Increasing Flexibility

The Best Stretches For Increasing FlexibilityFlexibility is not just a quality that gymnasts or dancers require, it is a key component to any healthy body. The more flexible we are, the better our posture, coordination and balance are, and we are able to reach a greater range of motion.

Many people do not realize that most of our movements in our daily lives follow the same patterns. This is dangerous to our bodies because when we perform a movement that is unusual, we are at greater risk for injury.

Having a flexible nature is what prevents us from stressing our joints, muscles and ligaments, and it gives us a more maneuverable body. You will need this flexibility when trying Zumba. Zumba can provide exceptional strength training, and since it so simple and inexpensive almost anyone can do it. All you need is a great pair of Zumba shoes.

As your flexibility increases, so do the benefits from your workout. When trying to improve your flexibility try the following stretches:

Seated Trapezius Stretch

This stretch is ideal for loosening the tension that builds up in our shoulders and neck. It can be done while sitting on the floor or on a sturdy chair. Either way, your legs should be directly in front of you, ideally in an elongated position. Sitting straight, with your right hand, reach over your head to your left ear, and gently pull the head towards the right shoulder.

Hold this position for thirty seconds, and then switch sides, so that your left arm is pulling your head to the left shoulder. If done correctly this stretch should reduce neck pain, and loosen the muscles of the shoulders.

Shoulder Stretch

The shoulder stretch is an ideal exercise for improving the range of motion in your arms, and preventing a shoulder injury. Simply stand with both feet shoulder length apart on the floor, in an upright stance, with the upper body squarely front.

Extend your right arm outwards, and bring it across your chest. Use your left arm to reach under your right elbow and gently pull the right arm closer to your chest. You should feel a stretch in both the arm and back of the shoulder. Hold this position for thirty seconds, and then switch sides.

Toe Reach Stretch

This important stretch has two variations. The first requires you to stand with your feet side by side, in an upward stance. Slowly bend at the hips and lower the head until it is as close as possible to the knees. Reach your hands downward towards your feet, trying to touch your toes. For those who find this stretch easy, wrapping the hands around the back of the ankles or calves, and pulling the upper body closer to the legs, can provide a deeper stretch. Try to avoid bouncing. The particular stretch is ideal in helping out in Yoga. You will need a very flexible pair of Yoga pants when doing these stretches.

This stretch can also be performed sitting. Simply sit on the ground with your legs directly in front of you. Sit tall and straight and reach your hands above your head. Bend at the waist and lower your upper body so that your hands reach the toes, and the nose is parallel to your knees.

Lunge Stretch

This stretch, although more difficult, works out your thighs, hips and glutes. Begin standing and step forward with your right foot. Continue moving your right leg forward while bending the knee until it reaches a 90-degree angle with the floor. With the left leg, ensure the knee is not bent, and the leg is extended directly behind you. Be sure not to let the knee lean over the toe.

Slowly sit into the stretch, and keep your hands on your hips. The further you allow yourself to sit in the stretch the deeper it will feel. Hold the position 30 seconds, and then switch so that the left foot is in front.

For a more intense variation allow the knee of your back leg to drop to the floor, while still maintaining a 90-degree angle with your front leg. Slowly push the hips towards the front leg for an intense hip flexor stretch.

Hamstring Stretch

Lay with your back on the floor and your knees bent. Slowly extend your right leg so that it is reaching towards the sky. Use your hands to grab behind the right knee and slowly stretch the knee towards your face. Hold for thirty seconds. Slowly release the leg, back to the bent neutral position, and repeat with the left leg.

These simple stretches can be done in just a few minutes per day, or even twice per day for maximum results. Stretching is also a great activity to do on rest days to compliment your workout routine.


ANAVARSince the day ANAVAR (OXANDRALONE) came into the market in 1964, it has become one the most famous steroid of all time. It helps people gain some extra pound and if you are on your way become slim and smart, it will help you maintain your muscle density. But unlike the other anabolic steroid in the market, ANAVAR is probably the mildest when it comes to results and side effects. Originally it was developed for the treatment of the conditions like weight loss and weaker muscles. But it is most commonly used during bulking cycles to get some extra muscles.

Side Effects of ANAVAR

ANAVAR is a DHT (Dihydrotestosteron) based steroid and just its side effects are very similar to the other members of this drug family. Most common side effect is acne. People who use ANAVAR may be bothered by sudden appearance of acne on their back and shoulders. If the condition gets worse, the acne may spread to the chest and face as well. This side effect is more likely to occur to people with sensitive skin. To prevent or minimize this issue, make sure to keep your skin clean and dry all the time. Make sure to take a bath after perspiration, and people who have sensitive skin, they might need to take an extra bath. Other side effects may include change in skin color, oily skin and hair loss. ANAVAR damages the hair follicles which may lead to male pattern baldness. But this side effect is more probable to occur to people who have already suffer from this condition i.e. if you are already experiencing the male pattern baldness, ANAVAR will worsen the condition. It means that you were going to lose hair anyway; it will just accelerate the process. Although there are drugs available that can help you counter the problem as well. The people who don’t suffer from male pattern baldness need not worry about it.

Prostate Enlargement is also another side effect. It is caused by the long and frequent use of ANAVAR. Although it is not very frequent, it is very serious. If you see any signs of prostate enlargement, stop the use of this drug right away. In most of the cases, swelling will stop right away. But if it does not go see a doctor immediately before it gets any worse. Prolonged erection may also occur some times which can be very painful. In the worst cases erection can last up to 3 to 4 hours.

Liver failure is another one the serious side effects of the ANAVAR. But this is very rare and seldom found. ANAVAR can cause water retention in the body, which may lead to heart problems. Water retention can also be the cause of swelling of ankles, wrists and joints and decrease in a person’s stamina.

In females, it can cause swelling of the vocal chords, hoarse voice, and facial hairs. It may also be the cause for abnormality in menstrual periods.


If used under proper medical supervision, ANAVAR is a very powerful and useful legal steroid, but the abuse of this medicine can lead to a lot of serious problems which you should avoid. If you are using ANAVAR, stay on the lookout for any kind of symptoms of above mentioned side effects.

6 Tricks To Easily Amp Up Your Old Workouts

Are your workouts getting a little old? Are you not seeing the gains you want any more? Then it’s definitely time to make a few changes to your workout routine – but don’t worry, even small changes, made the right way, can quickly improve your results without taking up any more time. Here’s a collection of proven ways to increase how effective your workouts are, all with minor, easy changes that do not interrupt your old routine.


1. Use a Stopwatch

Sets can be difficult to do properly at the gym, primarily because of distractions – it’s easy to lose track of time, and you are losing a lot of potential gains by waiting too long between sets. The key is to give your muscles time to recover without giving them too much time and losing both momentum and the edge of an intense workout. The solution is using a stopwatch or stopwatch app to time your off time between sets. If you really want to push yourself, aim for only a minute’s rest, at the most, each time you stop.


2. Cut Your Workouts in Half

At first this sounds like great news, but wait for the rest of the instruction: Workouts can suffer from too much repetition – your muscles won’t improve much if you are still using the same exercises you’ve used for months. A great way to improve your situation is to cut your workout and sets in half, and then use your extra time for a new exercise that still targets the same muscle groups. This will give you a much better overall workout and help you increase performance without wasting any time. It’s a good idea to switch workouts from time to time to keep your muscles trying new things. Ask the experts at Fitness 19 more about how to find new exercises to meet your goals!


3. Stop Using Machines

Yes, machines have plenty of benefits, but they still can’t quite equal the workout that free weight and bodyweight exercises give you. There are a couple reasons for this – primarily, machines specialize in only certain muscles, while free weights encourage you to use larger muscle groups and refuse to do any of the work for you. Free weights and bodyweight exercise also discourage sitting and encourage more active, consistent workouts. If you really want to make a difference in your workouts, stop using the machines as often and head over to the weight racks.


4. Get Wobbly

A little bit of challenge aimed at your balance can make a huge difference in your old workouts. Try incorporating a balance board or a fitness ball into your traditional lifts and other exercises. The challenge will put more stress on your core and help you improve your overall fitness. You may want to start with smaller weights until you get use to balancing during your workouts, then move up to the weights that you are used to.


5. Put it on Pause

The more continuous strain you can put on your muscles, the better your routine will be. This means putting less stress on the peaks of each rep – in other words, stop right before you reach the final position (about 90 percent finished with the move) and hold there for a second while you still have maximum muscle tension. Then finish the rep, or better yet, go back down and start another rep. This is a great way to increase your gains without changing your current routine, which you may already love.


6. Insert a Little Cardio

Interval training is a great way to amp up your workout and burn even more calories – and you can turn your old exercises into intervals with just a few tweaks. Instead of waiting between sets, use this down time for a quick sprint or a turn on the jump rope – then jump back to the strength training. You can get two workouts done in the same time it took you to do one. Yes, it’s supposed to be exhausting, but your body will quickly grow used to it.