Thyroid Eye disease

Thyroid Eye disease

Thyroid gland is an endocrine gland, which is located in the anterior part of the neck region. Two of the hormones produced by it are thyroxine and thyronine. It usually becomes functional by absorbing iodine from the blood. This is the reason why it is advisable to consume iodised salt. The hormones secreted by the thyroid play a vital role in controlling our body’s metabolism. Thyroid gland is a gland whose proper functioning is very essential, especially it is important to have an optimum secretion of its hormones because it’s over or under secretion can cause problems.

Under normal conditions, body’s immunity clearly differentiates between the body tissue and the foreign tissue but when someone suffers from autoimmune defects then his /her immune system starts producing antibodies against body’s own healthy tissues. Thyroid eye disease is one such case where body starts producing antibodies against thyroid gland which often results in over or under secretion of the hormones. This antibody which attacks the thyroid gland can affect eye tissues. It results in a number of eye related problems. Often thyroid problems and eye problems are the result of autoimmune disorder; hence it becomes even more important to understand that person whose thyroid gland functions normally can also suffer from thyroid eye disease.

The treatment of thyroid eye diseases often begins with restoring normal functioning of the thyroid gland, resulting in treatment of eye diseases also. It should be treated by an ophthalmologist.

Symptom associated with thyroid eye disease is swelling of the eyes, which are the result of swelling of fat tissues in the eyes. Due to swelling of the fat tissues in the eye socket, the eyes become bulged out. Due to the swelling in the eye tissues, the eye becomes unable to rotate freely and it is often accompanied by watering of the eyes and increased sensitivity towards the light.

Do External Hemorrhoids Go Away Completely Without These Treatments?

Do External Hemorrhoids Go Away Completely Without These Treatments

If you are diagnosed with external hemorrhoids, you may directly look for some treatments to get rid of the external hemorrhoids. Yes, it is a good thing to do at first. However, before thinking about the treatments, you may question first, do external hemorrhoids go away completely? Yes, external hemorrhoids can go, but may be not completely. It is based on your habits because something loss from you can come again later. You should keep this in your mind.

Luckily, external hemorrhoids can be more easily treated than internal hemorrhoids. Do external hemorrhoids go away completely? Superior to only thinking about the answer, you better take some actions. First, you may grab some alternatives to make you feel less pain. The treatments can be some home remedies, medical treatments or surgical treatments. Will external hemorrhoids go away without doing anything? By doing nothing, you will find the answer is a BIG no!

At first, you may find that your hemorrhoids are not painful. However, they can be painful if it is left untreated. Be sure that the answer of do external hemorrhoids go away completely is yes. Although it is possible to have a recurrence hemorrhoids, but this case takes only about 5%. The data show that 5 out of 100 people with hemorrhoids have recurrence hemorrhoids after surgery. You don’t want to feel that pain frequently, right? First, you can do some home treatments while also taking (optional) medical treatments. If the hemorrhoids become severe, surgery can be the last option to take.

Do External Hemorrhoids Go Away Completely By Themselves in Days?

Do external hemorrhoids go away completely on their own? The answer is a BIG no. They don’t go away by themselves. This means that having several types of treatments is must. By carefully doing the treatments, we expect that the hemorrhoids can be removed. Do external hemorrhoids go away completely without doing any treatment? Surely, you need to change the bad habits that lead to hemorrhoids. Avoiding them, you can have the hemorrhoids completely removed and don’t let them to come back to you.

By doing some treatments, both small internal and external hemorrhoids can be healed within about 7 days. However, most people with hemorrhoids feel better after having the treatment for about 2 weeks. The time also depends on the severity of hemorrhoids. The enlarged internal hemorrhoids may take 2 months to get improved. Severed external hemorrhoids may also take a longer time. Do external hemorrhoids go away completely? No, they don’t, unless you take surgical procedures and back to the healthy habits.

Hemorrhoids Treatments

Talking about “do external hemorrhoids go away completely”, you need to also consider several ways to treat hemorrhoids. And all those explanation is available in about getting rids of hemorrhoids. The home remedies include taking sitz bath, using witch hazel, staying hydrated by drinking more water, using stool softeners, sitting on air donut or rubber, and using ice pad. For the medical treatment, you can use OTC ointments, rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy and coagulation. Finally, when the hemorrhoids still persist after some treatments, you can take either hemorrhoidectomy or hemorrhoid stapling for the surgical procedures.