4 Healthy Lifestyle Tips That Can Actually Lower Your Insurance Premium

There are a lot of factors that health insurance companies take into consideration when calculating your risk factor. This risk factor will then be used to determine the amount of insurance premium you have to pay to get the health coverage you need.

It is also not a secret that you can lower your risk factor or rating by living a healthier life. We’ve covered a lot of great tips and tricks that will help you get started, but in this part we are going to focus on the five tips that will actually lower your insurance premium almost immediately.

Quit Smoking!

If you are a smoker – either a casual smoker or a heavy one – one of the absolute best ways to lower your insurance premium is by quitting smoking. The act of quitting alone will help lower your insurance premium by as much as 10%.

The longer you stay smoke-free, the lower your risk factor will be. Your body is simply recovering from exposure to nicotine, tar and other toxic materials. The next time you go in for a medical check-up for the insurance renewal, don’t be surprised to see a drop in insurance premium.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

You don’t have to go through a heavy diet just to lose weight for the purpose of reducing your insurance premium. There are other factors the insurance companies review when determining your risk factor, namely your height, your BMI (Body Mass Index) and the overall health of your body.

Instead of taking the risk of getting ill due to an incorrect diet, it is much more important to maintain one that is actually good for your body. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, for instance, can help meet your daily nutrients requirements, which will result in a lower BMI and a healthier body.

The Outside Matters

You need to look healthy as much as you need to feel healthy. Don’t just focus on the inside. You need to work on diets and exercises that will also help you improve on the outside. Apples and other fruits with high antioxidants, for instance, can help your skin appear healthier and remove signs of aging in just a few weeks.

Regular consumption of certain supplements and vitamins can also help you keep up with the daily nutrients requirement. Whichever nutrients you can consume naturally, you will also get from the supplements.

Assume an Active Lifestyle

According to a study by the masters in health law department of Hofstra Law, people who have an active lifestyle actually pay less in health insurance premium. Having a good career or being in the process of pursuing a higher degree are all great signs of a good life. These seemingly simple activities will help you lower your risk factor further.

There are even online courses that will help you pursue a master’s degree and lower your insurance premium at the same time. You can enroll into that healthcare law school you’ve been reading about for a while and get a master’s degree while working a full-time job.

These are some of the best ways to get started if you want to reduce your health insurance premium by assuming a healthier lifestyle. For more tips and tricks, be sure to stay tuned right here on Green Medical Group.