What you Should or Shouldn’t Do After Getting a Botox

Botox has revolutionised the cosmetic treatment industry, with more and more people reducing wrinkles and adding contour to the face. Botox treatment is both effective and affordable, and it gives a person the chance to change certain contours on the face, and can make a person look much younger. If you are about to undergo the treatment, here are some do’s and don’ts to follow that will ensure you get the most out of the treatment.

  • Do Avoid Strenuous Physical Activity – This is very important, especially during the first 24 hours. The Botox needs time to settle down, so take a rest from that gruelling workout. If you would like the treatment, but do not know how to go about it, a simple online search will put you in touch with the right clinic, and if you happen to live in Western Australia, and are looking for Botox Perth, you couldn’t find a better clinic than http://www.skinicity.com.au/, a leading skin clinic with state of the art facilities.


  • Don’t Drink Excessive Amounts of Alcohol – For a few days before and after, you should refrain from drinking alcohol, as this can cause a reaction, and possibly some bruising. It is a short period, and make sure you have no parties or social events on the calendar when you book the Botox treatment.


  • Don’t Lie on your Face – At least for a few hours anyway, and you might feel a little sleepy right after the treatment, but it is best to find something to do, for 3 or 4 hours, then you can return to normal activities.


  • Do Take Things Easy – there is a twenty four hour window during which you should not do anything physical. Rest and relaxation are both prescribed, so take the day off, and tell the family to wait on you hand and foot.


  • Don’t Touch the Affected Area – This is very important, and most people report an urge to massage the area, but this must be avoided at all costs. Try not to even touch the treated area, at least during the first 12 hours.


  • Don’t Take Aspirin or Other Blood Thinners – You will be asked if you take any blood thinning medication when you go for your first consultation, and if you do, stop taking it a few days before, and you can resume a few days after the treatment.


  • Don’t Over-Expose your Skin to the Sun – Avoid direct sunlight and tanning lamps, at least until the swelling and redness has disappeared. This will ensure that the Botox can settle and will prevent any skin damage that the rays might cause.


More and more people are turning to Botox as a way to look and feel younger, and with the right specialists, you can rest assured that the treatment is both safe and effective. There are reputable skin clinics that use the latest technology and products, and Botox is just one of a range of treatments on offer.