Why should I rate my doctor?


When you are new at any place then it becomes very critical to find a good doctor. In such a situation you have to rely mostly on word of mouth of people around you to find a good doctor. But if you don’t know anyone then you should check from the ratings available on the internet. But many times, very limited information is available over the internet so you may not get all information over the internet. Whatever information is available over the internet depends on how you rate the doctor. Many people do not even bother to rate the doctors as they think how do I rate the doctor? If you have empathy for other people and you do not want your friends to face the problems that you have faced while moving to a new city, then you should help other people by provide accurate ratings with good information.

In your ratings you should try to give the information about the doctor’s knowledge, the clinic, the payment procedure and the staff behaviour. When all these information is provided in the rating, then it becomes very helpful for other people.

It is important to understand that the doctors rating and ranking is based on a patient’s opinion and not on actual data or survey so people should not totally rely on these rankings . You can take help from these rankings and then you should visit the clinic and the doctor personally to decide about the doctor.

Before you take help from the websites it is important to know that many doctors use a paid profile for their ranking and nor have a free genuine profile. Thus if you find a doctor’s detail where in there is very less information is provided then you should check about the accuracy about the report and not rely on such rankings as mostly when there is too little information or detail about a doctor then such rankings are not authentic. You must be double sure of the doctor’s credential before going to him for consultation because a fraud doctor may be hazardous for your health.