Why Prosthetic Eyes are recommended for you?

Why Prosthetic Eyes are recommended for you

Prosthetic eyes are popular among people who have gone through serious eye problems like injury, eye tumors, infection, and glaucoma. The problem leads to losing an eye. This prosthetic eye is also known as fake eye or glass eye. One of the places that help people to get the best prosthetic eyes is the one that runs by Carol Lewis, an ocularist. The eyes look so natural and real. The newest product is equipped with digital iris that makes exactly like real eyes. So, these eyes are created to comfort and enhance your appearance.

What People say about Prosthetic Eyes?

There are many people who have used prosthetic eyes and have given their testimony. They are pleased with the result since it looks realistic. One of the patients says that the eye is perfectly fit the real eye and even the color’s great. The color is absolutely gorgeous and unique since it uses digital effect with high technology. Many people feel absolutely comfortable when using it and feel more confident and beautiful. Another advantageous from this eye is you can take them sleep. It offers people a significant change in their lives.

Some people testify that they have been through hard times before they eventually find this particular eye from Carole. So that these people feel that they have faced an emotional journey that makes them vulnerable. However, once they try this eye, they experience different process that makes them realize that the Carole’s creation is the best.

The Process of Applying Prosthetic Eyes

There are mainly 3 kinds of processes. First, the feasibility study. Perhaps you have never heard about this before. In this particular process, you should see from stent. The stent should be placed in your eye while you are sleeping at night. This action helps the ocularist to judge whether or not you can use the eyes. If you pass the first step, you can continue to the second step.

The next step is wearing custom made stent. What should you wear it? This particular stent is as big as your socket. It helps to realign both of your lids as well as breaks down the scar tissue.

The last step is the making of prototypes. In this step, they make 2 prototypes. This way, you will be able to decide which one that suits you the most. The process may not be simple, but everything is done to achieve the best result. In other words, every step is taken to reach perfection.

Digital technology really helps you to get an amazing eye.

The service is all you can get. That means; all of your needs are covered carefully. If you come from other country, you will get the thorough schedule about the treatment. You will also get drivers that pick you up from the airport. All accommodation is guarantee for your satisfaction.

The products and services are surely one of a kind. They make sure that you get great impression and experience during your treatment with them.