Vertigo: causes, symptoms and remedies


Sometimes people feel like the object in front them are moving while actually they are not. The movement is often spinning or sway movement of object and the effect is typically at its worse if the head is moved. Such symptom is called vertigo and this can be associated with nausea vomiting and sweating etc. This spinning sensation can limit your physical activities and make one feel sick.


Doctors often believe that vertigo is caused by the problem in inner ear. The causes for vertigo are;

BPPV: This occurs when canaliths i.e. tiny calcium particles clump up in the canals of the inner ear.

Meniere’s disease: Build up of fluid and changing pressure in the ear is the reason behind this disorder. This may results in episodes of vertigo.

Labyrinthitis: This is a sort of inner ear problem due to viral infection. Inflammation in the inner ear around the nerves due to this viral infection destabilises them hence causing imbalance in sensing.

In addition to the prominent reasons mentioned above, vertigo is sometimes caused due to severe head injury, migraine headache and neck injury too.


The common symptoms of vertigo are spinning, tilting or swaying of head and often feels like getting pulled to one side. In addition to that some symptoms like nausea, headache and sweating also experienced by patients.


Vertigo can be treated by vestibular rehabilitation intended to strengthen the vestibular system and by canalith reposition maneuver also. People are also taking home remedies for treating vertigo along with medication. Home remedies like Epley maneuver and Foster maneuver are usually advised by the therapists or doctors to the patients sticking to home remedies for vertigo. To treat vertigo in some cases the doctor prefers to take the surgery root to deal with the problem permanently.