Treat hemorrhoid at home

Treat hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoidal veins are the ones at the lowermost region of rectum and anus. Around fifty percent of adults after turning fifty years of age experience swelling, stretching and thinning of the hemorrhoidal veins and the pain subsequent to it during bowl movement. The pain and itching resulting due to the inflammation and stretching of those veins is known as hemorrhoids. There are two kinds of hemorrhoids i.e. external and internal hemorrhoids depending upon the position of the occurrence of inflammation. The treatment for this disease is also available in traditional medicine and home remedies for hemorrhoids also work great as well.

Doctors also believe that preventing constipation can also be largely helpful in preventing hemorrhoids too. Let us see the home remedies that work well for hemorrhoids;

Increased fiber intake: More fiber in food softens the stool and makes its movement easy through the anal tunnel. Beans, cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables are good source to bump up the fiber intake.

Drink plenty of water: Drinking plenty of water helps in keeping the stool wet and makes movement easy. Prune juice also works great for being a very good natural laxative.

Exercise: Physical exercise, aerobics, brisk walking or mild running for half an hour also prevents you from getting stopped up.

Artificial laxative: Stool softener or laxatives may be taken for a short while to get the bowel movements become less painful. But to sustain this ease one must not be dependent on laxatives for long.

Good bathroom habits: Try not to spend a lot of time in the toilet waiting for the stool to come out or do not stress mush on the system to make it happen fast. For better results, make a routine and stick to it every day.

Warm bath: Take warm bath for around twenty minutes twice or thrice a day. Putting ice pack in the anus area several times a day helps in minimizing the pain too.

If the pain is heavy, then consider taking painkillers consulting with the doctor. Sticking to good practices along with good food habits and lifestyle will reduce the pain certainly.