Can a Laser Really Make You Look Younger?

Everybody wants to look younger, or at least stop aging. However, we hit a certain point where it feels as if the wrinkles go from small and dainty, to huge craters that are all over your body. Everybody deals with this in different ways. Some people are happy enough using a bit of wrinkle cream, whereas others immediately make an appointment with a plastic surgeon for a full facelift. There is a happy medium between those two things as well, enabling you to ‘grow old gracefully’, while at the same time not looking like a piece of old parchment.

Laser Wrinkle Removal

Assuming you agree that you can grow old gracefully with at least a little bit of help, you may wonder what type of ‘help’ is the best. Topical treatments exist and can be quite functional. However, it now appears that you should start using those consistently from your early 20s onwards in order to see any real positive effect.

But then, there are lasers. They are popular for all sorts of different things now, not in the least skin care. Laser wrinkle removal Orange County professionals should be able to help you with this type of treatment. However, you do have to understand the pros and cons of laser wrinkle removal before you decide to have it done.

The pros include:

  • The procedure is performed by a registered professional.
  • It is an affordable treatment, particularly compared to other anti-aging options.
  • Sessions are really quick.
  • Little pain or discomfort is associated with the procedure.
  • Results can last five years.

However, there are some significant downsides as well, including:

  • There is a possibility of redness and swelling and, sometimes, scarring.
  • Some people react to the laser and develop blisters, which can get infected. It is rare for complications to develop, but it is important to be aware of the possibility regardless.
  • It is not suitable for all skin types, with people of Caucasian origin usually being the most suitable candidate.
  • The results may not be as good as what you hoped for. While we are surrounded by photoshopped images of perfect women, we may hope that we end up looking like that. In reality, however, you will look better than before, but not as if you were photoshopped.
  • The treatment is not suitable for really deep wrinkles, so you need to get it done before you get to that point.
  • The results, while lasting up to five years, are temporary, so you will have to repeat the procedure.

Laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment that has had very high success rates. At the same time, it is always recommended to start by changing your lifestyle to a degree and using natural, over the counter products to improve the condition of your skin. However, solutions are out there if you feel you have gone past that point ad really want to look at least 10 years younger. Just make sure you review and check all of them properly.