Laser Hair Removal

If you’re like most women, you don’t look forward to the chore of having to shave your legs, armpits and bikini area. It’s a hassle, the stubble shows up almost immediately, razors aren’t cheap and boy can they leave a painful burn behind, especially in the bikini area! Waxing is an option, but it’s painful and expensive. Depilatories are another option but they’re smelly and downright dangerous, carrying with them the risk of serious chemical burns. So what’s the solution? Laser hair removal. This process is relatively painless and can actually permanently stop hair from coming back. At most it feels like being snapped with a rubber band or a mild sunburn. The discomfort goes away quickly. Laser hair removal can be used anywhere you have unwanted hair-arms, legs, armpits, bikini area, back, even your face.

Yes, your face. If you’re one of the millions of woman who have unwanted facial hair, don’t despair. It’s a lot more common than you think and the cause is usually genetic or hormonal. Many women will find that as they age, they begin to grow hair on their chins, and women from some ethnic groups have mustaches thanks to genetics. Shaving, waxing and bleaching are all options for getting rid of it but laser hair removal can get rid of it for good. While there is very little truth to the wives’ tale that if you shave hair it will come back thicker and heavier than ever, shaving can be hard on delicate facial skin and some women find the stubble embarrassing.

If you’re looking for a good place to have laser hair removal done, consider Smartlipo at Vermont. They have years of experience and can answer all your questions. Remember to always check with your doctor before undergoing any cosmetic procedure so you can be sure it will be safe for you. If you have sensitive skin or a chronic condition such as lupus or diabetes that affects your skin, you may not be a good candidate for this procedure. In most cases though it will be a simple and effective procedure. You will most likely need several treatments to treat all your hair and it make take a few months to see results. The risks of complications are rare and compared to waxing the pain is minimal. You might see some reddening of the skin, this is normal and should subside quickly. Look into laser hair removal today and say goodbye to shaving and waxing forever.