Dental Surgery Procedures to Treat Teeth and Jaw Problems

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Dental surgery is any procedure that involves the teeth and the jawbone. These surgeries can help an individual overcome a lot of tooth and facial related problems. They help save teeth, repair damage from trauma and control oral diseases. Here are the common dental surgery procedures.

1. Root Canal

Root canal surgery, also known as endodontic, is usually done to save a tooth when the nerve and blood vessels of the tooth, which form part of the dental pulp, die, resulting in tooth infection. The infection can be caused by tooth decay, broken or lose fillings and other tooth problems. If left untreated, the infection leads to swelling and, in severe cases, the jawbone is also infected.

During the procedure, the dentist uses a drill to access the pulp. He then removes the inflamed or dead tissue from inside the tooth. The process is time consuming as the root of the teeth often has several extensions and smaller branches. Once the cavity is cleared, the tooth is disinfected so there is no recurrence of the inflammation. 

After disinfecting, a rubbery paste is used to fill the cavity. The drilled hole is then sealed.

2. Prosthodontics 

This is a specialized field of dentistry that deals with dental implants. It can either be fixed or removable. Fixed or permanent prosthodontics includes replacing missing teeth, or tooth that has been broken with implants, crowns or bridges that the patient cannot remove, once they are fixed. Removable prosthodontics involves replacement of missing or broken teeth with temporary devices such as partial dentures and dentures, which can be removed by the patient. 

During the procedure, the dentist will first assess the patient’s condition. Then the infected or damaged teeth are surgically removed to prevent further damage. After this, a Red Deer dentist will reconstruct the bone or change the structure of the tissue in order to place the implant properly. Once the implant is fixed, it acts as a natural-looking substitute for the missing teeth.

3. Periodontics

Periodontal surgery is used to treat periodontal diseases. A periodontal disease is caused by bacterial action. In case of poor oral hygiene, teeth become breeding grounds for bacteria. The bacteria secrete harmful chemicals and then form a colorless plaque on the teeth. Because of periodontal diseases, the tissues of the gum and bone are destroyed. If too much bone tissue is lost, the teeth may need to be extracted.

This surgery is recommended if nonsurgical procedures cannot repair the damaged tissues surrounding the teeth. This dental surgery procedure can only be performed by a qualified Red Deer dentist.

4. Oral and Maxillofacial surgery

This includes the surgical treatment of diseases, defects and injuries related to both the functional and esthetic aspects of the soft and hard tissues of the teeth, jaw, gums, head and neck. This surgery includes wisdom teeth removal, bone grafts, oral pathology, TMJ disorder, facial trauma, corrective jaw surgery and other procedures.

The surgery procedures are done to correct grinding or clenching of the teeth, difficulties in chewing and eating, difficulties in opening and closing of the mouth, dysfunction caused by deformation or trauma, incorrect jaw position and incorrect bite.

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