Using acupuncture to relieve pain from golfing injuries

Using acupuncture to relieve pain from golfing injuriesThe beautiful landscapes and challenging fairways attract golfers of all skill levels, Based on a report from the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine, the average golfer plays over 35 rounds of golf a year and that doesn’t include all the hours that they spend practicing. All of these golfers are at risk of both chronic and acute problems, especially from inflammation and strained muscles often due to the repetitive motions that come into play. Age, tension, stress and other lifestyle conditions, like having a desk job where you sit all day, can also restrict range of motion and flexibility, both that can have a direct impact on a golfer’s game and lead to injuries.

To be a good golfer, it’s important to have proper muscle balance for a great swing and good hip function for optimal performance and injury prevention. Strengthening the lower back and hips is essential in order for the lower back muscles to not take the impact of the necessary twisting when swinging the club. Did you know that the rotational force put on the back while swinging is equal to over 8 times someone’s normal body weight? Eye opening when you think about it. Beside low back pain, a common golf injury, golfers are prone to several other physical issues, including shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries like carpal tunnel and experience a lot of pain.

This is Where Acupuncture Comes In
Acupuncture addresses the body’s imbalances by helping to loosen you up physically, decreasing tension, muscle tightness and inflammation says CT Acupuncturist Samantha Jacobs. This encourages a fluid increase in hip rotation and at the same time decreases the amount the shoulder turns necessary and in so doing reduces the amount of side bending during the downswing and trunk flexion. What this means is that CT Acupuncture makes it possible to rotate properly and sustain a wide arc throughout the swing, giving the player the ability to be able to hit the ball a significantly greater distance.

The Calming Effect of Acupuncture
Any practicing golfer will tell you that a calm mind and body is essential if you want to play a great game of golf. Stress, anxiety, tension and other day to day emotional distractions can interfere with your concentration and definitely have an impact on how you play golf, or any sport for that matter. Acupuncture has the ability to significantly reduce psychological disruptions. By entering into your game physically looser and mentally relaxed, you’re less likely to get injured while you play and you’ll probably play a better game. While acupuncture isn’t a substitute for a good warm up and stretching, it can decrease the risks of sprains, strains and pulled muscles. If you do end up with a golf injury, acupuncture can reduce the recovery time and get you back in the game in no time.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just taking it up, acupuncture can reduce the risks of chronic and acute injuries and re-injuries, and make it possible to heal more efficiently if you’ve already sustained golf related injury.