Is it okay to sit after a butt lift?

Do you love looking at all the other women who look great in their bikinis, flaunting their derriere all over the beach? Do you wish you could do the same? If this is so, you’ll be happy to know that there is help for you in a butt lift, particularly a Brazilian butt lift.

This is a medical procedure which helps give your flat and saggy behind a much better and sculptured look by extracting fat from a part of your body like the hips, flanks or stomach and injecting it to the butt to give it its added volume and shape. This easy fat transfer process helps create more volume to your butt. It also offers the additional benefit of eliminating fat from some other part of the body!

Procedure effects

Fat is a naturally occurring substance in the butt which the body partially absorbs with time. While many people think, and are worried that sitting on the butt, or just placing some extra pressure on the backside can alter the effects of the surgery, it doesn’t.

Instead, it is the technique, anatomy of the person’s sitting and the anatomy of where the fat is placed which determines why fat is absorbed well in some cases and not in others. It is important that the right amount of fat, not too much or too little is injected in at the right levels.

Of course, working out and sitting can change the effects of the end results which is why patients who have undergone a butt lift are advised to not go to the gym for the first three months after surgery and avoid sitting for more than fifteen minutes at a time for the first two weeks.

This is a precautionary measure as sitting is not actually a problem as when a person sits, most of the pressure falls on the ischial bone (where fat is not placed during the butt lift) and not on the injected area. This is why most plastic surgeon advise their patients to sit on their buttocks only for a limited amount of time like 15 minutes after completing the procedure.

Small amounts of fat is injected

Moreover, the fat which is injected during a butt lift is injected into very small and tiny tunnels which are surrounded by the normal buttock tissue. So these small, fine lines of grafted fat has some ‘protection’ wherein a small amount of pressure won’t significantly displace the fat. Moreover, with so many tunnels and linear grafts of fat, it’s not affected much while sitting.

Of course, no matter which technique is used for the butt lift, and no matter how much of fat injected, not many people is can actually sit for prolonged periods after a butt lift as there will be soreness after the surgery. Of course, this soreness is not permanent and does reduce with time as you start feeling better as you progress with your recovery. This pain is however worth enduring as you know that you will eventually have the derriere you wanted to flaunt off in time for the next beach season!