Achieve a Healthy Balance Between Weight Loss Surgery Risk and Rewards

Are you considering bariatric surgery to take off a significant amount of weight that you haven’t been able to control through more conventional means? One of the first things your doctor will want to discuss with you is whether or not you are truly prepared for a whole new way of life.

This is not a procedure to take lightly, no pun intended, and something you need to be ready for because you really, really will need to make some drastic changes in how you live and eat. Even so, it is possible to achieve a healthy balance between weight loss surgery risk and rewards if you take the time to understand exactly what to expect.

The Reality of Risk

Whether you are having a tooth surgically extracted, a heart transplant or weight loss surgery, there is always that element of risk and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Most often that risk comes from general anesthesia, but there are other risks to be considered as well. Infection is a huge concern and one not to be taken lightly.

You must follow your doctor’s orders to the T for post op care or you leave yourself open to infections that could be quite serious. Bariatric surgery, although a laparoscopic procedure, does have its own set of risk factors which you will want to discuss with your surgeon before the operation. You can learn more about any risk factors online as well, sometimes by watching an informative weight loss surgery video.

The Rewards

Altogether too many people are only focused on the potential rewards. They see bariatric surgery as a magic fix that will suddenly see them 50 or 100 pounds lighter. It is anything but magic and that is the truth. However, if you understand that you will also need to make very real changes in what you eat and how you live, the rewards can be spectacular.

Once the lap band is in place, and after a few adjustments which may need to be made along the way, you can expect to take weight off. Yes, you know there is an ‘if’ coming and unfortunately, it is a very big IF. It will be quite a while before you can eat a regular diet so be ready for liquids and a soft diet for quite some time after surgery. To get the required daily nutrients, many people have turned to juicing, but always ask your doctor which fruits and veggies are safe after surgery. Some may even be on the taboo list, so don’t forget to check!

The way to achieve a healthy balance between weight loss surgery risk and rewards is to be well prepared for what lies ahead. Don’t make any hasty decisions and make sure to shop for supplies before the surgery. You know that old saying, “Forewarned is forearmed.” Just as you would be able to armor up if you had advance warning that enemy troops were on the way, so too can you be forearmed prior to surgery. No, it isn’t the enemy but advance warning is the key to healthy recovery after weight loss surgery.